Young Composers Project Information

Ken Guilmartin, founder and co-creator of Music Together® Worldwide, and VOICES Chorale, a local adult community choir, are looking for budding composers to participate in the Young Composers Project.  

·     For children ages 5-12.

·     Compositions (or the term “songs” is okay if the child relates more to that word) must have a vocal element which may be performed by either Voices, the child(ren), or both.

·     Compositions do not have to be masterpieces! They should be primarily the child’s creation, with some facilitation by an adult (suggestions and guidelines for how to do this will be provided).

·     Compositions may include piano accompaniment, which will be provided (again, child may choose to play it, but that’s not required).

·     Compositions may include other instruments, but that will be arranged for by the composer.

·     Compositions need to be notated, which may require facilitation by teachers and/or parents. However, this requirement should not be an obstacle to participation. Notations invented by the children are acceptable as long as VOICES singers, the pianist, or any other performers can read the notation well enough to perform their parts. A combination of the child’s invented notation and conventional notation for performers would also work.


Other pertinent details:

  • The Workshops to develop the composition pieces with composer Ken Guilmartin will be held, as needed, on Tuesdays 3/10, 3/24, 3/31, or 4/14 between 4:30 and 6:30pm.
  • The composition pieces will be performed during a concert held at Music Together headquarters in Hopewell, NJ on Tuesday, April 21st at 7pm.
  • Attendance at all sessions is preferred, but required for at least one workshop.
  • A parent or other adult must accompany the child to workshops and attend the concert.
  • There will be no fee for participation this time as VOICES has funding through the Lyn Ransom Memorial contributions.


The concert will include pieces by the children, as well as other current or specifically chosen repertoire by VOICES. Some performances may be done in a manner that illustrates the compositional elements and how they work together to create the piece. It is amazing to witness the children’s pieces come to life, sung/performed by the children, the VOICES group, and/or a VOICES soloist. It’s wonderful for the kids to see this happen to their creation. 

If you know a child who might be interested in this opportunity, we will connect you with the people at VOICES, who can answer any and all of your questions, and can guide you and your child through this process for an enjoyable outcome. Please email Carole Moore at to receive more information.